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GDC is the anomalous work of Vermonter Zach Phillips who's also known for his out there sounds as Blanche Blanche Blanche, Horse Boys, Nals Goring, and Sord. His lo-fi but virtuosic synth and piano based music has been described as "an intricate and idiosyncratic world of private melodic symbology" (feeding tube records), in other words this stuff has to be heard to be understood. Written and recorded in a mere 8 days, Jours Avec Jennie appears to be the only album Zach intends to release as GDC and he used the opportunity to explore an alternate "realite francaise". The results are the most accessible and pop oriented album that Zach has produced. Auxiliary Out called it "one the best cassettes of the year and hands down the best pop record I have heard this year". We are glad to be able to share this truly unique masterpiece with you.


visit Zach's blog or his OSR tapes site.

Jours Avec Jennie