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Illus Ocean played an array of electric keyboards, synths, stage pianos and granny organs with the eclectic Norman ensemble the New Tribe, contributing songwriting and vocal talents to the group as well. Following the breakup of the Tribe, Ocean was frequently associated with a Suncrush for Sweethearts when that band was based in Norman and New York. His own songwriting began to occupy most of his musical attention in New York, a trend that continued while he did stints with the Pistol Arrows, Washing Machine and other groups spanning a range of genres, from alt-country to indie pop. This wide stylistic palette characterizes Ocean’s first solo outing, ‘Meskin in the Attic,’ a record that is clearly the product of years of experience both musical and personal.

Based currently in Arlington, Texas, Ocean spends his time in and around books when he’s not making music or fighting to keep the world free of redneck vampires on LSD.

Meskin in the Attic