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One In A Googolplex began life as the music project of German artist Sebastian Zimmer. Taking the name from a line in "Back to the Future III" solidified the vibe of the project as one that looks to the future, makes right the past and is good fun for the whole family. It is music that transgresses boundaries between genres with gleeful abandon, calling on bleeps, whirs, and Contra laser blasts to adorn furiously strummed acoustic guitars, or tribal drums to drive along Latin-tinged organs and bubbly synths.

Now after three excellent LPs, "The Proclaimer", "Hands" and "The Dropout Cats" respectively, OIAG is set to unleash their most accomplished outing yet with 2011's "Win Win". Picking up where the super single 'Lilly' left off, Sebastian, with a handful of guest musicians, has created a new monument to infectious music. A new four piece band including Fabian Schick on bass, Jan-Hendrik Heuer on drums and Guitars by Manfred Rump, has coalesced in the OIAG universe and will be bringing the whole catalog of tunes to stages around Cologne and beyond.

The sounds of OIAG records suggests that the first music ever played was the attempt to echo the sonic patters of nature, piercing holes in bones to make a flute. It is cool but lovely at the same time. It is forward-looking but warm. OIAG's songs are aurorae for your ears.

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The Proclaimer
Seven Lives and Tasty Mice
The Dropout Cats